Pre-Escheatment Services

Escheatment is the process of transferring of lost assets to state treasuries. This process begins once a shareholder has been deemed lost and remains unresponsive to any company mailed notices. By law, companies must send due diligence mailings to lost shareholders and documentation and unclaimed assets must be transferred to state treasury.

All companies are required to report unclaimed property and to turn over abandoned property to the state after a specific time period (the period of time varies from state to state). For shareholders due shares and cash from a merger or acquisition, the assets become abandoned once a series of mailed notices to the shareholder remain unanswered. In some jurisdictions, this may be as little as two years.

LINK Shareholder Services simplifies the Escheatment process before it happens.

Supporting Companies

We provide an analysis of the eligible shareholders and work with companies to customize their program notice and communications approach to shareholders. Program notices are mailed to shareholders, offering a voluntary opportunity to claim their assets or update their accounts.

Supporting Shareholders

We support shareholders with our world class call center. Account responses in good order are promptly processed and unclaimed assets are returned to shareholders with complete tax reporting.