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Oddlot Programs

Oddlot shareholders own less than 100 shares, but they require the same attention as any other shareholder in your company. These shareholders are often the least active and not likely to respond to your company's communications. This can cost your company money in the event of a merger or acquisition.

LINK Shareholder Services Oddlot Program offers these shareholders a convenient and inexpensive way to sell shares.

Here's how it works:

Shareholder Identification
We analyse eligible shareholders and create a tailored program notice and communication strategy for your company. Program notices are mailed to shareholders, which offer a voluntary opportunity to quickly and conveniently participate.

Shareholder Resources
LINK Shareholder Services provides call center support for inquiries and assistance, while simultaniously contacting shareholders via phone, mail and online. Tenders in good order are process promptly, while those requiring assistance are supported until their resolution in the form of cash.

Company Services
LINK Shareholder Services maintains constant contact with the company throughout the entire program period. We provide comprehenisve reporting, including the number of shareholders and the value of entitlements.

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